Saturday, 27 June 2015

I went to Britmums Live | My experience

Hey everyone i wanted to share with you my experience going to Britmums Live for the first time this year. I was very nervous before going mainly because I'm not great at travelling such a home bird! But luckily a few months before i joined a Facebook page which was all things Britmums and i managed to find some lovely local girls to travel up with, which made me feel so much better that i wasn't alone!

I headed up on the train from Bournemouth to London Waterloo with the girls and we taxied it to our hotel. We actually all managed to book the same hotel! I stayed in the Thistle Barbican which was only about a 10-15min walk to the Brewery which is where Britmums is held.

The hotel itself was really nice, staff were friendly and it had a restaurant so you could eat whatever time of day. My room was pretty small but perfect for what i needed. I booked my ticket through Booking a few months before hand for only £70! which was a bargain as when i looked a couple of weeks before Britmums prices rocketed to over £200! So i was pleased i booked in advance!!!

So my Britmums experience... i met some amazing lovely mummies Amy who I've followed on YT for years, EmmaAmy , Natalie & Jen are all local girls so i have met them a couple of times previously. We basically all stuck together but went to different workshop / classes etc if needed!

Friday when we got to the Brewery we were starving and expected for some reason or another to get lunch there but there was only coffee & mini cakes so i would definitely recommend eating while on the train or just before! After the first day of workshops and mingling with Brands etc we headed to Pizza Express there were actually a few restaurants around to choose from in walking distance.

Early wake up for Saturday the Brewery put on a buffet type breakfast with pastries/ tea & coffee which was lovely! you can easily over indulge though because everything is in mini size!

Again we had the different workshops and Keynotes.. i actually dont feel like i learnt much from the workshops, maybe i knew more than i thought? or i chose the wrong workshops to go to?
But i really enjoyed the Keynotes especially Ella Woodward ( Deliciously Ella) and i really enjoyed Caprices talk to.

I throughly enjoyed Britmums I'm glad i experienced it and would highly recommend going especially speaking to brands and workshops if your a newbie.. I met some incredible big bloggers which definitely gave me a kick up the bum to improve my blog and strive for what i love doing!

Here are a few tips i thought id share-

* Bring snacks you will get hungry!

* Don't over pack you'll need extra room for all the freebies they hand out or bring an extra bag!

* Don't forget your business cards so important when meeting brands.

* Wear comfy shoes & bring a jacket you never know what the weather will be like or change to and your on your feet a lot!

* Dont bother bringing a huge camera like i did.. you won't use it! a little cybershot or just your phone will do honestly!

* Book travel & hotel in advance to save money! even if you do get a sponsor to cover, its totally worth being organised!

* Get on social media to find people to travel with etc...

I think thats it... I can't wait to book my early bird ticket because yes I'm definitely going next year!!
Please let me know if your going to so we can meet and all hang out :)

Have a look at my recent Vlog from when i went to Britmums!


Thursday, 25 June 2015

MOMA! Breakfast Review..

I was lucky enough to try out some yummy Gluten free porridge from the company Moma Foods.
Moma started back in 2005 selling their first on the go breakfast from Waterloo Station and since then they haven't looked back! Moma do a few different breakfast choices from Porridge, to Muesli & also the new one the go Oaty Shake!

Moma want to banish bad breakfast habits so have brought out instant porridge pots & Oaty shakes.
I love nothing more than a instant porridge the ease for in the mornings before a busy school run!

I am a porridge lover and so are my children so couldn't wait to give these porridge sachets a try.
I was sent the orignal, seeded & Cranberry/raisin. My favourite for sure was the cranberry and raisin.

To make the porridge just add your oats to a bowl and pour over some boiling water let it sit for a couple of mins and stir. The oats were chunky and creamy i couldn't actually believe they are gluten free as they honestly don't taste any different! I loved the big pieces of dried fruit and seeds and the sachets are a good size portion per person. 

I loved the on the go porridges, the oats also come with dried milk powder and natural flavourings, again just boil water and fill to line, wait a few minutes, stir and you have a delicious creamy porridge! I love the Golden syrup flavour it wasn't too sweet and not artificial tasting.

At first i was slightly unsure about the Oaty shakes i was worried it would be weird having a milky oaty drink... but actually its so nice really tasty and filling great for on school run before the gym and i love the flavours! My favourite being the mango & peach.

Throughly enjoyed giving the MOMA porridge & drinks ago would definitely recommended the gluten free easy sachets and oaty on the go drinks! Kids loved them to!


Monday, 22 June 2015

Evening BBQ Outfit

 I went to a BBQ yesterday.. it was and evening do, the weather was really lovely so i opted for a dress and trusty cardigan!

I remember spotting this Floral dress  on the NEXT website a few months back, it was sold out in every size! I managed though to randomly spot it in my local NEXT store a few weeks later so grabbed it! They have brought this dress out just recently in other patterns and colours here and there most recent colours here I'm very tempted by the navy one of corse!

The dress itself is super comfy, washes well and a great length! i paired it with these comfy sandals i brought last year from Sainsburys i wished id brought 2 pairs!

Lastly i put on some pretty pearls and this knitted wooly cardigan also from NEXT but its a few years old now!

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