Thursday, 23 October 2014

DIY Bunting!

Thought id share how i made a quick and cheap bunting!

All you will need is -
Fabric- poly-cotton is great because it comes in many prints and its cheap!
Bias tape- Again cheap and can't get it in tons of colours 
sewing machine
tacking pins
( i purchased my fabric and tape from ebay)

First thing to do is cut out a rough triangle from a cereal box or any card.
Then trace it onto your fabric as many times as you like depending on how long your bunting is.

Cut all your triangles out then position them onto the inner of your Bias tape fold over fabric and tack in place.

Once all tacked your ready to sew!

I sew on a straight tight setting.

Job done!

Monday, 20 October 2014

Your Tea Review

I decided to give your tea, tea detox ago after seeing a lot of people i follow on Instagram drinking it!
Not the best reason to try things but i was intrigued and you know what I'm like i love trying 'new healthy' things!

I must admit i was totally sceptical and unsure at why i should give it a try especially as its not exactly cheap. Most people that drink Your Tea are looking for weight loss results and personally i was hoping for maybe to feel less bloated and for it to help with my terrible skin!

Your Tea is supposed to be an all rounder 'miracle' tea as its works for its sounds like pretty much anything!

Weight loss
sex drive
The list is endless!

You drink two cups of herbal tea a day either 30 minutes before you eat or 30 minutes after. I split mine up one for breakfast and either one after lunch if i had time of one in the evening. The tea itself taste ok i actually much prefer it to green tea its much more subtle!

The boxes come in 14 or 28 Day Teatox although for some reason i had 21days! not that I'm complaining as i got more for my money!
The 14 day Teatox is £20 and the 28 day is £31 plus £5 for shipping and they also ship worldwide.
They also have a Gluten free version for the same price.

So how did i get on with Your Tea? 

Because i wasn't looking for the weight loss aspect i haven't lost any, i kept my diet the same which is healthy but obviously could be healthier! i noticed I've been less bloated and my jeans fit a little nicer not sure if thats from the tea though!
With regards to my skin its still the same! Quite terrible actually which is pretty normal for this time of year!

To be perfectly honest most people that give this Teatox ago usually changed their diets dramatically and probably get more active so they lose weight while drinking Your Tea so i can see why this tea could probably give good results with a full lifestyle change.

However i haven't noticed too many changes and have been drinking if for the full 14days. 
Very unlikely i would purchase again although maybe around the warmer months i might see better results who knows! 

If your looking for a miracle tea i don't think this is the one BUT if your looking to change your lifestyle and get healthy this could be a great tea to swap in from your average tea/coffee.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

The Walton’s Playhouse Project: Make it Your Own!

We were lucky enough to receive a very cute wooden playhouse from the online Waltons store and join in on up-cycling & reusing items to create a fun house for the children.

We had a rough budget of £50 of our own money to spend on the playhouse, First things first though was putting it together! My husband Graham had the fun job of slotting and nailing the pieces of wood together to make this beautiful little house.

Graham said its was very simple to put together just have to make sure you have a hard sturdy base for the house to start with. It took just over an hour to build.

We built our house on a concrete pad, the house itself measures.
Width 6' 5" (1.95m)
Depth 5' 7" (1.69m)

As you can see our lamb jack loved it also!

 Once the house was built it was onto painting!

We ended up choosing Ronseal Woodland Colours in Ash White since we didn't want anything to starking i love the grey feel to it! it was around £20. 
We have enough left to use for next year also!

With having a boy and girl and 2.5 yrs between them deciding on a 'theme' for the playhouse was very difficult! Violet wanted it to be baby central and Alister wanted it to be a cave then a construction building! 

We finally came to agreement that we would change the theme with every other month to keep it fresh and inviting!

This month being Halloween we decided to kit it out in Halloween Themed decorations, artwork, book corner and a hideaway nook!
I purchased everything from the 99p store so was an absolute bargain at no more than £10!

We up-cycled and reused some of our old items to use in the house, the carpet was sat in the loft unused and just the right size! 

The blue paint for the flower was leftover paint from my sons bedroom.

I made some basic curtains from some fabric using my sewing machine!

And for the comfy corners and nooks we used old pillows/ fleecy blankets as well as an old Laptop desk for the kids to hide out in!

Graham hung up some very cute pumpkin battery operated lights.

We have really enjoyed joining in on this project and the kids are very pleased with their new house!