Thursday, 20 November 2014

SnapFish Calendar Review!

I received a voucher from Snapfish to purchase a few items from their online store.
I have actually been using Snapfish for quite a number of years now.
As soon as i had Alister i got snap happy and knew i needed some sort of website to download my photos onto to print off or even personalise.
I would highly recommend the speedy service and quality of the images I've never had a bad batch!

Im actually here to talk to you more about the personalisation of how Snapfish work.
They have many items including Calendars, mugs, photobooks and much more on their website-

I brought two personalised Calendars for family members as part of their christmas presents, I'm so impressed at the choice to start with, you can choose the basic 'kitchen' calendar shown below, 'Classic style', 'Desk' and 'Poster' calendars.

The ease of uploading your pictures from either your desk top, Facebook or Flickr was very quick and they were easily adjustable or edited if needed. I loved the choice of template colours and options and even seasonal designs to choose from.

Im very pleased with the finished calendars all the pictures are really great quality.

I also have to mention this amazing heat changing personalised  magic mug!
Ok so not the most prettiest looking mug sitting in the cupboard but as soon as it holds anything hot you get to see whats underneath!

This 11oz mug is £9.99 and you can choose many of your own pictures to be printed onto it, it can also be labelled and you can choose you to have a coloured background around the pictures.
Again the quality of the pictures are brilliant especially for being on a mug.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Rock Reef Bournemouth Pier Event!

I was lucky enough to be invited by Juan to go to Rock Reef on the Bournemouth Pier with a few other bloggers i'll leave them linked below.
Rock Reef is an indoor climbing assault course built for all ages (4+).
There are lots of different climbing equipment ranging from 'clip & climb' , 'high line' and 'leap of faith' and lots more for a fun family day out!

They have a cute sweet/ souvenir nook inside also!

When you first arrive the give you a really good talk and demo of how to use the equipment for safety purposes and then they get you all harnessed up to begin the climb!

These specific climbing walls were the tallest and i did actually get to the top on two of them!

Amy cracked on with this half pipe drop which i didn't end up doing!!

The high line was definitely one of my favourites! its an assault course hanging from the ceiling lots of different wobbly bits to manoeuvre and climb round!

The Pier cave was a so much fun! I really think Alister or smaller children would love this because its crawling around different tunnels in the dark with only your head light!
It was a really great exercise but blimey did my knees hurt!

Rock Reef offer lots of different packages to suit each and everyone, you can also add on different climbs if you get more daring throughout your day! 
Rock Reef also have a lovely little restaurant upstairs that offer fresh food and coffee so its great if you have older children, you could just chill have a coffee while they have a lot of fun or even join in yourself!
Rock Reef also hold parties for all ages and at different prices again check their website to see what suits your child! 
Im definitely considering this for Alister 6th Birthday with a few of his friends! 
Not only is it great fun and will tire them out its a brilliant for of exercise!

They have also just recently started doing an after school climbing club!
have a look on Facebook for more details-

Saturday, 15 November 2014

What are my future plans?

It suddenly dawned on me when Violet hit 3 that its only a couple of years till she heads to school which is a rather scary feeling seeing as my role of stay at home mum will only continue during after school , weekends and half terms... i can't help but think where and what am i going to do with myself?

I really feel the need and urge to maybe go on into further adult education and maybe even get myself a decent well paid job.. but then in another mind is that what i want?... i could just happily plod along doing bits and bobs around the farm after all i am a farmers wife! but is that enough or me?

Ive been thinking so much you could say slowly getting ants in my pants as so to speak being at home.. i feel like my mind has sort of frazzled over the years, I'm not as quick in my mind as i used to be and i actually really dislike it!

Don't get me wrong I've loved and still love being at home with my two but sadly it is definitely coming to an end and i suppose although Violet still has just under 2 years till she starts school i want to be prepared and not be stressed last minute at what i could do with my life if that makes sense?

The thought of dropping Alister & Violet off to school mon-fri and coming home to an empty home kind of feels me with sadness and slight fear of being alone.

I definitely miss the adult socialisation thats probably one big reason for me maybe deciding going back to work. Also the sense of pride in bringing in a wage is something i really crave..

Who knows what the future will hold for me.. but bring it on!

To be Continued...

How do you all feel about your children growing up? Is it back to work for you? more children or a new career adventure? id love to know!